Level 5

We have completed the solution manual for level 5 of PicCombo. Use this cheat sheet to help you locate all of the answers fast and easily.

Piccombo Level 5 SnowflakePiccombo Level 5 SteamboatPiccombo Level 5 TeacupPiccombo Level 5 StreamlinePiccombo Level 5 TearfulPiccombo Level 5 UploadPiccombo Level 5 BeanpolePiccombo Level 5 BedpanPiccombo Level 5 BattleshipPiccombo Level 5 BarndancePiccombo Level 5 ShowgirlPiccombo Level 5 SeesawPiccombo Level 5 SeaweedPiccombo Level 5 SeashellPiccombo Level 5 PigpenPiccombo Level 5 RaindropPiccombo Level 5 RestrainPiccombo Level 5 RingleaderPiccombo Level 5 PeacockPiccombo Level 5 PantryPiccombo Level 5 OverturnPiccombo Level 5 NuclearPiccombo Level 5 MankindPiccombo Level 5 MandatePiccombo Level 5 KickboxingPiccombo Level 5 HomebrewPiccombo Level 5 HeadachePiccombo Level 5 HaircutPiccombo Level 5 FlowchartPiccombo Level 5 FreelancePiccombo Level 5 FrostbitePiccombo Level 5 FiremanPiccombo Level 5 FeedbagPiccombo Level 5 FearsomePiccombo Level 5 EndgamePiccombo Level 5 DarknessPiccombo Level 5 DogfightPiccombo Level 5 DownfallPiccombo Level 5 CarthorsePiccombo Level 5 CarjackPiccombo Level 5 CanteenPiccombo Level 5 CancanPiccombo Level 5 BreadboxPiccombo Level 5 BreakdownPiccombo Level 5 Cakewalk


Level 5 — 12 Comments

  1. I’m on level 5 but the pic im looking for isnt here and I cant find it let alone figure it out,it looks like a hand in soup with tall grass(its not really a hand)

  2. This is great! But I am stuck on level 5 with the picture of some kind of pasta or something and a drawing of a teacup with a heart above it can anyone please help me?! Thank you and I love this game!!!

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